Coaching Programs

At Revolution Fit Cycling we also offer complete coached training plans. If you are training for your first 94.7, Cape Town Cycle Tour, Nissan Trailseeker, Schools Mountain Bike Race, or have more ambitious goals like the ABSA Cape Epic or Sani2C then we can assist.

If you are looking for a more personalized approach where you can chat to your coach and you want your sessions to be tailored to the event you do, get in contact with a coach. This gives you human interaction with regular feedback on progress made in fitness as well as management of fatigue, advice on the best recovery protocols and making sure that you peak at the right time and be on form for your bucket list event! This is for that extra bit of motivation and for all the answers to your cycling-related questions and to really take you next level and Unleash the Athlete from within!

Our coaches are accomplished cyclists that know each race and event will require a different approach to getting you in the best shape possible. We offer customized plans suited to your goals, fitness, and lifestyle and all designed to maximize the time you have available to train.

In short – gone are the days of spending meaningless hours on the bike without seeing the results you hope for. Stronger, Faster, Fitter, Leaner – guaranteed!


"My pedal stroke has improved a lot and I've seen great gains in my fitness. I have been able to pull in front of the group where in the past I could barely hang on at the back of my riding group. Whatever you were doing is definitely working!"

Zaheer Seedat

"With the results, I got from your program that allowed me to finish The Munga and other Ultra races in such good shape, you can sell your program with great confidence and people can be assured they will get great value and results!"

Hennie Olivier

"Following your coaching program for a while now allowed me to podium on multiple stage races as a solo female and really took my cycling to a next level! Really happy with what you have been able to accomplish through me!"

Yvonne Cornes

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